Diamonds and their Metaphysical Properties


Diamonds are by their very nature, the hardest mineral on earth. So it is no surprise that they have been believed to be the symbol of the duration of love, the longevity of a relationship, and the very essence of life itself.


Diamonds can be worn as a Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring, Diamond Multi-Stone Engagement Ring, Diamond Solitaire Wedding Ring, Diamond Multi-Stone Engagement Ring, Eternity Ring or Dress Ring, Diamond Bracelet, Diamond Earrings or a Diamond Pendant, embuing those properties as it is believed, of love everlasting, to the wearer and to the giver both; creating a unique bond through one of Earth's most beautiful minerals and natural treasures.


In ancient times diamonds were simply worn as tumbled stones, treasured for their unique beauty, and for their inherent clearness - like 'water frozen in time', and their subtle colours, such as the "Fancy Diamonds" we recognise today. Among these Fancy Diamonds we have remarkable colours such as; Fancy Yellow Diamonds, Fancy Red Diamonds, Fancy Pink Diamonds, Fancy Orange Diamonds, Fancy Green Diamonds, Fancy Gray Diamonds, Fancy Brown Diamonds and Fancy Blue Diamonds.


In later years when the art of cutting diamonds was discovered and perfected, a diamonds great beauty and true nature finally appeared. Their abilty to absorb and reflect light - most prevalent in clear diamonds, was a characteristic that no other precious gem has ever been able to match. It is for these unique reflective qualties that the white light they reflect has brought diamonds to be known as a symbol of purity, as white light is perceived to help bring our lives into a cohesive wholeness, enhancing clarity and trust.


There are many other beliefs concerning diamonds and their metaphysical properties, most that have been around for generations. It is a long-held belief that diamonds are the stone that bind relationships, lending them clarity, strength and endurance. The term "diamonds are forever" is not a term that was thought up lightly, but based on years of history, superstition and deeply ingrained belief.


A diamond, when worn or carried, is believed to amplify the wearer's thoughts, whether they be positive or negative. Thus it should be worn and given with love, in the hopes that the thoughts that are amplified are love-intentioned. As an "amplifier", diamonds are recognised as increasing negative thoughts or positive, so if given for love they become truely a blessing, but if given for the wrong reason they can become almost as a cursed object, so it has been known.


It has also been a long held belief that the mystical properties of diamonds include an enhancement of self-confidence - which almost seems a given, being that for the wearer of such an object of beauty it would, one thinks, be easy to think ones self both confident and fortunate to posess such a treasure.


It has been believed that to wear or carry a diamond works a a natural peacemaker, counteracting jealousy. It is worth wondering if this was a factor for which a diamond, as a symbol of the bonding of a relationship, became popular, or if this metaphysical quality was later deemed to be a further blessing imbued by the stone. Either way the wearing of a diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding ring has a positive effect on the feeling of forever that is what is most important between partners, along with trust and clarity. Adding to this idea is another name for which diamonds have been known; "The Stone of Truth".


Diamonds are well recognised among healers as a "Master Healer". Diamonds are widely believed to break up blockages in the Crown Chakra, and clear troubles within one's personality. Healers may use diamonds in the 'laying-on' of stones - directly onto a client's body during a healing session, or the healer may simply wear their own diamond pendant or diamond necklace, or simply a diamond ring, some piece of jewellery where the diamond is close the healer and thus amplify the healers intent. The healing effects of diamonds can be received by those that wear them simply by believing that these properties exist. It is a good lesson to be open to what cannot be physically proven, and diamonds are a good teacher of this, remembered in a saying made famours in Shakespere's play "Hamlet", “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”


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